Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ch. 7, Sample # 2

3 fabrics: background is hand dyed cotton; middle layer polyester 2-tone fabric, stamped with original stamp used in earler work; top layer purple lurex.
Stitched throughout in chain stitch, with a thick hand-painted pearl cotton thread, and 3 strands of yellow stranded cotton.


  1. I think your chain stitch looks really three dimensional on this; creating a more encrusted effect with your twinkly top fabric. Your hand painted thread picks up the orange stamped pattern
    beautifully. Keep going!

  2. Thanks Amanda!Am playing with machine embroidery for next sample....

    1. Hope you are better at it than I was -this is DEFINITELY an area for development.... I forgot to drop the feed dog teeth and what a mess followed. I've got a free style foot now
      and fiddled about with the tension so my next attempt was a bit better. It still runs away with me!