Thursday, February 21, 2013

Chapter 11 - Growth and Disintegration Samples

The following samples are the result of a series of experiments illustrating ways of making a shape disintegrate by using stitchery. Samples 1,2+3:First sample shows large cut-out of shape, followed by sample with smaller cut-out and more outline stitchery filling shape area, and last sample of very small cut-out and lots of stitching. All worked on space dyed cotton poplin and stitched with simple running stitch using stranded cotton. Samples 4,5+6 worked on cut-out shape with shape appearing to become larger through lines of stitching. [Fabric and thread as above.] Sample #7: Long, frayed edges left and then held in place using free machine stitching. Sample #8,9+1: The following set of samples illustrate how a shape can appear less solid using lines of free machine stitching. Samples worked on old cotton/linen table cloth which was space dyed and stitched with space dyed machine rayon thread. Samples #11,12,13+14: The following samples show how a shape can be made less solid using bonding techniques, sprinkling few bits and pieces as the series went on.