Wednesday, March 30, 2016

More shibori

The following fabrics were all stitched, clamped, or wrapped in an attempt to create darker shibori dyed fabrics. I was better pleased with how the dyeing took in these samples. However since these pieces are all quite small, none larger than A4 sized, I think I will need to create more shibori fabrics, this time perhaps doubling the width to 22" or so.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Modul 2 - Chpaper 11: Stitched Samples based on paper designs - Stage A

The following samples are translations of 3 of my more complex paper designs into textile samples using my dyed, monoprinted, bleached and stitched fabrics, hopefully combining all elements into a sympathetic relationship. I have displayed both sides of the fabric samples, with the seamed and frayed edges at the front.




 My personal favourite is sample # (ii). I was very pleased with the translation of the Fibonacci sequaence paper design into fabric. In fact the textile version is much more interesting. Love the texture of the piece and enjoyed sitting with it and fraying the edges of the seams.