Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ch. 7, Sample #4

The background for this sample is hand dyed cotton poplin, with 2 polyester organzas layered on top. Free machined the image shape on bottom layer, with some hand stitching to emphasize shapes. Top organza layer with hand embroidery - lines of running stitch. Finally placed some co-ordinating netting on half of design to deepen tones on half of design, held in place with a few cross stitches.

Next day: This sample really didn't work out. It started well, with great contrast between the fabrics selected, but I tried to do too much with it, and in the over kill of stitching and layering, the actual design got lost! I shall re-work it later.....or maybe just one of the designs incorporated....


  1. I know what you mean Edith, I like the shapes you chose from your cut outs but then they vanish in the overall effect. You learn alot about fabrics doing this and sometimes those that layer well before hand look very different when you've cut the designs into them and stitched.
    Further injury halted stitching yesterday. I managed to cut my thumb preparing lunch. (You can laugh - I did! I seem to have had a clumsy week) My husband wasnt laughing when it was still bleeding 6hrs later and I was still resisting a trip to casualty. Perhaps I should have thumb printed my fabric? Anyway it seems okay this morning so I can swap the bandage for a plaster and actually move it....

  2. Oh dear, that's awful! It must have been a pretty deep cut if it bled for 6 hours...and sore too! Hope your feeling better today!