Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chapter 1 - The Study of Tone

For this chapter of tonal columns, I used a variety of media, including: charcoal, black ink, black Brusho paints, water soluble markers and crayons, black sugar paper (punched for circles), white tissue paper, and a variety of black, grey and off-white images from a glossy magazine, as well as the sides of a whiskey hip flask for a crayon rubbing! :)
The columns were 7 cms wide and the length of an A4 page.
Sample #1: [left hand side] black charcoal stick
Sample #2: [right-hand side] calligraphy pen

Sample #3: [left-hand side] black ink and a cotton bud
Sample # 4: [tight-hand side] rubbing of side of hip flask with black child's crayon.
Sample #5: [left-hand side] Brusho paint applied with the edge of a credit card
Sample # 6: [right-hand side] water soluble marker, lightly brushed with water#
Sample # 7: [left-hand side] punched circles from black sugar paper
Sample # 8: [right-hand side] black colouring pencil, cross hatching
Sample #9: [left-hand side] black ink applied with scrunched up kitchen roll
Sample #10: [right-hand side] black water soluble crayon, brushed with water
Sample # 11: [left-hand side] black, grey and off-white papers torn from a glossy magazine
Sample # 12: [right-hand side] column painted with black Brusho paint leaving just lower end clear, then stuck torn pieces of tissue paper scattered on top. This column is my mixed media sample.

MODULE TWO: 'Animal Magic' - Introduction

Collect visual information:

Make a list of associated words that describe your subject:

Mark Making:

Resolved Sample

Resolved sample mounted on white mounting board.