Monday, January 23, 2012

Ch. 7, Sampler #5

For this sample I returned to my file of images gathered at the beginning of this module and using this as the basis started playing around with black paper cut and fold shapes, until I ended up with one I particularly liked. Then I went to my store of hand-dyed fabrics and chose a cotton poplin for background, with a middle layer of rayon and a top layer of scrim. The middle section was hand embroidered with an outline stitch and a space dyed cotton thread, about pearl cotton#8, then cut. Next the top layer was tacked down shifting the motif slightly off to the side, and the shape free machined with a gold metallic thread.After I had cut out the main motif revealing the layers beneath, I decided to add a touch of hand embroidery using a herringbone stitch, in order to pull the design together. I am quite pleased with the overall result, though unfortunately the hand embroidery of the middle layer is almost completely obscured. This happened with the last sample also, though not quite to the same extent this time. Maybe next time I shall succeed in working a design where all the layers are revealed exposing the details of each!

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  1. You can see the herringbone stitch clearly when you enlarge the image and it gives it a good texture. I really think layering colours in fabric is a learning curve; the light seems to hit materials in different ways. The layers in this one are quite definite and I like the initial shape and the way you've offset it.
    A good charity shop day today - a large bag of perle cotton balls and fabric scraps for £1. My stash threatens to take over the house....