Thursday, August 21, 2014

Module 2: Chapter 2 - Stitched Tonal Studies

A. Tonal column in stitchery

This sample was stitched on 10 holes to the inch canvas, in freely worked cross stitches, massed on top of one another and overlapped. Threads were black and white pearl cotton #8 and fine threads.

B. Tonal effects using the technique of blackwork

Designs above based on traditional blackwork patterns. Drawn on to graph paper with a black marker/ Patterns can be both added to, to make darker, and subtracted from, to make lighter, thus altering the tones through addition and subtraction of lines.

C. Blackwork tonal columns

(i) Using pattern development I created a darker tone, working a few rows before adding to the pattern.

(ii) Using spacing of the stitches: In this sample the spacing between the stitches controlled the tones.

(iii) Using thickness of thread: The threads used progressed from fine black sewing thread to a single strand of stranded cotton, then flower thread,  pearl cotton #8, 3 strands of stranded cotton, and finally 6 strands of stranded cotton. In this sample the spacing remains constant, only the thread thickness is altered.