Friday, January 20, 2012

Ch. 7, Sample #3

For this sample I used 4 layers of fabric - 2 transparent fabrics (though 1 is hardly visible, only peeping out at the edges from behind the gold fabric), a gold polyester, and the background is hand-dyed cotton poplin. To add interest I cut the middle layer in half and staggered it's positioning on background. The top layer is a transparent polyester. The middle layer was stitched using apurple rayon thread and free ziz-zag machining. The top layer was stitched in a simple running stitch which held all layers together.


  1. Your latest sample is very innovative Edith and your machining is much better than mine! (See my sample 5!!!) I love your Brusho backgrounds - must
    dig mine out. Sewing almost thwarted yesterday after a spectacular trip over my cat - thought I'd bust my wrist AGAIN (i've broken it twice before) but just a bit bruised.

  2. Oh Amanda, I am sorry to hear about your wrist. We have 2 cats and the littlest one is always at my feet threatening me with a fall!! Twice broken before? You poor pet! Does it hurt?
    Yes, I like this sample best of all, and the Brusho paints are cool! Just not too sure whether I should be sticking them into a sketch book -- A4 paper might be better, then I can cut bits and pieces out for using in composite boards later. However the actual embroidered samples are stitched in, not stuck down.

  3. Edith, all your comments have brightened a dismal Saturday. I dont stop to think how long I've been doing all sorts of art/crafts, but I recently found some felt and ribbon mice I'd made, aged 7, in my grans old sewing box. That means 44 years ago!!!
    Art has always been a passion but ironically my teachers said I was academic and studying it formally was 'a waste'. Only when I was training to be a Primary Teacher did I wheedle my way into the Art Studio at College,(quaking in my boots) and get any formal feedback. It was turned into a specialism and I coordinated the subject in school and ran a popular club for 10 years. I simply love it!!! And teaching it.... Pure pleasure.
    Where are you based? I'm in Gloucestershire near Cirencester. My son and daughter in law teach in Cambridge and we are often over that side of the country. I got my lino from a Cambridge art shop. There are different types. Some are ridiculously hard and you can easily cut yourself with the gauging tools, but this is only £2.50 for an 8inch square and cuts like butter -brilliant.
    I'm not entirely sure what to stick down and leave loose either. Suppose we can always duplicate drawings and cut outs if we need to?

  4. Hi Amanda, I'm across the water from you in Ireland. I worked for about 3 years as a substitute primary school teacher in the school where my youngest children were, a few years ago. I have 5 children, all in school or university. I have dreamed of working for a C+G cert in embroidery for far too many years now...about 15 years now! But somehow it just never happened. I kept buying the books and created a few bits and pieces but never really found the time to get into it. My father died last September so I promised myself that this would be the year when I would make some time to do something I actually like doing. Life is too short to put it all on hold!

  5. Wow five children! Respect... I know exactly what you mean about 'me' time. I gave up work 12 months ago to care for my husband and father in law. My husband is thankfully fully recovered but my father in law died in March. My art has kept me sane because I just lose myself for hours.
    I was clocking up a 70hr week teaching and am just about to return to do 3 days supply. I refuse to let it take over my life again.
    Think we've both earned some C and G time!!!!