Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Chapter 11: Second Thoughts - Paper Shapes

In the first page of designs of paper shapes I used a scissors to cut the shapes, cutting into it further each time in order to disintegrate it more.
The next set of paper shapes were torn, and the ragged edges gave the whole design a much more interesting appearance.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ch. 11 -Resolved Sample: First Thoughts - Paper Experiments

First Thoughts -Paper Experiments Sheet #1
Details: Top left: Cartridge paper punched with blunt puncher, so had to push holes out with fingers, tearing in process, then folded paper, punched and pushed again a couple of times, crumpled, flattened out, crumpled, flattened, repeatedly. Top right: Cartridge paper dampened with water, then crumpled rubbing between hands until ripped. Middle left: Pieces torn into strips then woven together, held in place with glue stick. Middle right: Crumpled, punched, rubbed. Bottom left: Crumpled, then put under ring binder machine a few times, crumpled again until torn. Bottom right:Crumpled, ring binder again around edges and through cente, crumpled again until ragged. Sheet #2:
Details: Top left: Free-machine stitching on black paper, crumpled, then wet and rubbed until torn. Top right: Free-machine stitched with no thread, crumpled, wetted out, rubbed between hands. Bottom left: Stitched with automatic stitches, crumpled, wetted, torn. Bottom right: Torn pieces of paper, pieced together with free-machine embroidery. Sheet #3:
Details: Top: Tracing paper, doubled over, with bits of thread sandwiched between, then free-machined, burned, rubbed. [This is my favourite sample - love the disintegrated look.] Bottom: As above, but stitched with automatic patterns.