Monday, September 29, 2014

Chapter 3: Tonal Effects in Machine Stichery

The following samples were machined with the presser foot on using zig zag, straight stitch and a couple of embroidery stitches. All samples were worked on a double layer of cotton fabric for stability, with black polyester sewing thread in the bobbin and on top. All samples are approximately 4 inch square.

Details of samples:
(i) Zig zag - altered stitch length, also widened gaps between lines of stitching.
(ii) Zig zag - altered stitch length only, inserting a few lines of very short zig zag stitches btween larger stitches to close up gaps. I like the lacey effect this produced.
(iii) Zig zag - altered stitch width only; widening gaps.
(iv) 4 way zig zag - altered stitch width, widened gaps at edges.
(v) Zig zag - changed position of needle in machine while stitching, increasing size of stitch in increments; also widening gaps.
(vi) Feather stitch - adjusted width and stitch length, progressing from small to large; overlapping.
(vii) Honeycomb stitch - lines of same sized stitching working from small to large, adjusting width and length in each line; also adjusting spacing between lines of stitching.
(viii) Straight stitch - taking straight stitch for a walk! Unbroken line, swivelled and turned.
(ix) Zig zag - similar to (viii) above but taking zig zag for a 'walk' this time!
(x) Cross stitch - altering balance, widthways and lengthways. Also widening gaps between lines of stitching.
(xi) Zig zag - lines of zig zag, varying width and lengthalong each row; overlapping lines of stitching; widening spaces.
(xii) Inner circle, outer stitching, altered width and length of zig zag.