Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chapter 7: Translating Designs into Embroidery - Sample # 1

I was very excited to begin working on this chapter as it is the beginning of the incorporation of stitching!
Since each sample takes some time to complete I have decided to post each sample as it is finished. I also wanted to try out a new way of presenting my design work. With this in mind I am going to present the work in 2 separate sketchbooks / textile journals - one for the actual design and sketching work, and the other for the stitched samples. This is partly due to the fact that I have always wanted to create my very own book of stitched samples, probably as a legacy to the tiny little sewing sample books we made in primary school! This chapters focus seemed to offer the perfect opportunity!

I found the design for this sample in the book 'The Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe' by Marija Gimbutas. It is a motif from a vase found in a Slovakian cemetry and dating from the late Cucuteni period.

The background fabric was cut from hand-dyed cotton poplin. The first layer is a hand-painted silk organza, and the second layer is a scrap of nylon chiffon.

The motif was outlined in stem stitch using a pearl cotton thread, and further stitching incorporated running stitch using pearl cotton, a wool/mohair blend, and thick and thin rayon threads. It's definitely easier to stitch with cotton than rayon!

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