Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Module 2: Chapter 11 - Further Design Exercises

The following design exercises were created from paper made for an earlier chapter in this module. A variety of strips were cut up and arranged and rearranged into different patterns. 
The series of designs incorporated different tonal effects, as follows.

(i) Extremes of tone in bold, large areas:

(ii) Dark toned papers together.

(iii) Light toned papers together:

(iv) Medium toned papers, smaller shapes and increased pattern effect:

(v) Lighter, greyer tones, mixing black and whites mixed up in tiny fragments:

(vi) More complex design ideas, combining different blocks:

The following is based on the Fibonnacci sequence:

'Stack and Whack' Designs:

In the following set of blocks I began by creating different sets of patterned designs and then cut them into the same shapes - squares and triangles. I stacked some of the squares on top of each other, and cut the squares in half. The pieces were swapped around to create different patterns. This was my favourite paper exercise and I love the completed designs, and will use them in the next stage of this chapter.

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