Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Chapter 9: The Fibonnacci Sequence and Golden Section

Design Exercises Based on the Fibonnacci Sequence using patterned paper

(1) Patterned papers graded into a tonal column based on the Fibonnacci series of proportions:

(2) Above design cut at right angles and arranged in alternate way based on the Fibonnacci sequence.

(3) Above design divided at right angles and cut into Fibonnacci strips placed with a gap between each strip and glued down.

(4) Fibonnacci strips arranged on plain black background leaving gaps of the Fibonnacci series of proportions:

(5) Flipped alternate strips to make the following design [this was my favourite design!]:

(7) Another Fibonnacci block prepared for the next set of blocks [2 copies created]:

(8) Strips from above arrangement cut into strips and arranged in a  square design, leaving a small gap between central strips:

(9) Srtips from #7 above arranged into a log cabin patchwork block.

(10) Strips cut diagonally and arranged into an alternating pattern becoming narrower as it progressed:

(11) As above but from a different angle:

The Golden Section

(12) Sketch of the Golden Section. I enjoyed creating this as it helped me understand the theory!

(13) Golden Section created using tonal patterned papers:

(14) A small variation on the Golden Section which emphasizes the diagonal line in each square, illustrating the spiral effect more clearly:

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  1. You have some lovely patterned papers Edith, which enhance your Fibonnacci work.