Monday, June 1, 2015

Chapter 7: Traditional 'Piecing' Methods

The following samples were created using my dyed and patterned paper and fabrics.


First Stage: Paper Designs

Strips of paper from my decorated papers and then glued to a background.

Second Stage: Fabric Samples
Samples created from dyed and decorated fabrics, as well as black and white and commercial printed fabrics.


First Stage: Paper Designs

The following are my initial attempts at creating seminole patterns, using my decorated papers, alongside some purchased black and white paper.
I plan to create many more designs using this method before translating some of them into fabric. I must say that I prefer the seminole method more than the log cabin method. It feels 'freer'.

The last 2 designs took forever as I had difficulties figuring out how to create mirror images. Of course once I got it, I couldn't understand what took me so long!

Next stop, fabric samples of some seminole designs!

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  1. HI Edith, your work is lovely, you have created a lot of original and different pieces here, I'm impressed! These samples are not as easy to put together as they may seem! Looking forward to seeing what you produce next!