Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ch. 11 -Resolved Sample: First Thoughts - Paper Experiments

First Thoughts -Paper Experiments Sheet #1
Details: Top left: Cartridge paper punched with blunt puncher, so had to push holes out with fingers, tearing in process, then folded paper, punched and pushed again a couple of times, crumpled, flattened out, crumpled, flattened, repeatedly. Top right: Cartridge paper dampened with water, then crumpled rubbing between hands until ripped. Middle left: Pieces torn into strips then woven together, held in place with glue stick. Middle right: Crumpled, punched, rubbed. Bottom left: Crumpled, then put under ring binder machine a few times, crumpled again until torn. Bottom right:Crumpled, ring binder again around edges and through cente, crumpled again until ragged. Sheet #2:
Details: Top left: Free-machine stitching on black paper, crumpled, then wet and rubbed until torn. Top right: Free-machine stitched with no thread, crumpled, wetted out, rubbed between hands. Bottom left: Stitched with automatic stitches, crumpled, wetted, torn. Bottom right: Torn pieces of paper, pieced together with free-machine embroidery. Sheet #3:
Details: Top: Tracing paper, doubled over, with bits of thread sandwiched between, then free-machined, burned, rubbed. [This is my favourite sample - love the disintegrated look.] Bottom: As above, but stitched with automatic patterns.

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  1. I'm loving the disintegrated/distressed look of these tracing paper samples!