Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chapter 10 - Inlay Appliqué: Insertion Stitch Sample

This is my sampler of insertion hand embroidered stitches. The stitches used, from top to bottom are:
-knotted buttonhole stitch in pearl cotton #8
-beaded insertion stitch in pearl cotton #8 and size 11 seed beads
-laced insertion stitching, in wool for base stitch and hand dyed rayon for lacing
-twisted insertion stitch using stranded cotton
-cretan stitch in pearl cotton #8,laced with feather stitch using a lovely glittery thread
-sorbello stitch in hand dyed rayon and toped with golden seed beads
-herringbone stitch using pearl cotton #8, with no gap between edges

The knotted buttonhole stitch was the biggest challenge as I attempted to figure out what exactly I was supposed to do! Beginning with Jacqueline Enthoven's wonderful book of embroidery stitches 'The Stitches of Creative Embroidery' I tried to adapt what she called Knotted Buttonhole Stitch on page 160 of her book, but failed to figure out how to work this into an edging stitch. My buttonhole sampler below shows some of my attempts, though most trials were ripped out in disgust! In the end I discovered that Jacqueline Enthoven calls this stitch by another name - Knotted Insertion Stitch, also called Knotted Cretan.

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  1. love this one, the pinks and reds near the top
    remind me of a suspension bridge!