Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ch. 7, Sample #6

For this sample I returned to the outline shape used in sample #3 for the middle layer, and then superimposed a new shape from my selection of images and shapes on top. The background fabric is hand-dyed cotton poplin; the middle layer is hand-dyed rayon, and the top layer hand-dyed scrim. This sample incorporates a lot of hand embroidery - coral stitch to outline the main design areas in the middle layer, and since coral stitch is a textured stitch it shows through the top layer of scrim; while the top layer of embroidery features sorbello stitch around the main shape, with free-style drawn work in the centre of the shape, with some free-style pulled work outside the shape. Finally to hold all the layers together I worked a border of herringbone stitch around the outer edges of the design. Since I love hand embroidery, this sample was a sheer delight to work!

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